Multifamily Replacement

Our reputation of being the multifamily flooring specialists means we have a deep understanding of the apartment industry’s fast-paced schedules and property manager’s desires. Artisent focuses our products, pricing and business practices with property management in mind because they are our priority.

We stock a variety of products such as carpet, vinyl, VCT, tile, vinyl plank and the like, tailored to meet every need of our clients. Give any of our trained and experienced staff members a call to get the best value for your property.

Multifamily new construction

Artisent’s construction division, which services multifamily developments across the U.S., works closely with a variety of builders & contractors to not only perform the work, but help select the most appropriate flooring solutions for new construction.

We save new construction customers a considerable amount of money with our design and product knowledge. In addition, Artisent saves them time with quick, easy and effortless completion of any new construction project in the country, whether small or large.

Multifamily renovation

A large part of Artisent’s business has come from renovation projects due to our background, quick turn-around, and cost-effective solutions. We use our years of experience and the latest product knowledge to maximize a customer’s return on investment and provide exceptional results.

There are many aspects of property renovation and many ways to create a much more upscale, high-value look without the upscale, high-value cost. If you’re a property owner, manager or contractor, contact us for your flooring needs and any design help.

Design help

Since we’ve studied and worked in multifamily properties for 30 years, Artisent’s team can assist in choosing the most stylish and suitable flooring based on the look you want to achieve. We offer design advice free to customers for both multifamily and residential housing. Call us to schedule a consultation.